I had three air conditioning and heating units installed in my home and I was so impressed and satisfied with the workmanship and professionalism of this company. The group of men that worked in my home was so outstanding in every way. They completely respected our home and kept the mess to a bare minimum. They knew exactly what to do and were wonderful to have in our home. We highly recommend this company to others and look forward to having them service our units for a long time to come.

Dana F.

Thank you Wayne, Debi and everyone at Coppell H&A. Loved the prompt service. It is very nice to have a warm house and a heating unit I can count on. You guys are awesome.

Joan H.

I had two complete heating and A/C systems installed by Coppell Heating and A/C today. The install was performed to the highest standard and very quickly. The team worked very well together making sure all of the smallest details were attended to. The team has an excellent knowledge of heating and A/C systems and the workmanship is excellent.

Jim H.

I grew up with the family and moved away just after high school. However, when my mother who has lived in the same house now for 40 years needed work to be done, I was glad to know that Debi was there to look and watch over her HVAC needs. Thanks Debi and Wayne!

Tony C.

Replaced upstairs A/C and heater unit, entire system. Overall, I was very pleased with Coppell Heating and Air. They did a very good job on keeping everything clean and performed the work just as expected.

Doug M.

I used Coppell Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. They did a thorough inspection and cleaning of my A/C and Heating system. I was very happy with the work performed and will use them again.

Greg I.

We have a twice a year service contract. Emails are sent and reminder phone calls are made from Coppell Heating & Air, which is greatly appreciated. This contract is for 24/7 service, no overtime charges or additional charge for emergencies. We have had a relationship for several years now and are totally pleased. New thermostat installed and when our air conditioner stopped operating the technician was here almost before we hung up the phone. He identified the problem and we only had to pay for the part that was replaced. The office staff is always friendly and the technicians are top notch. A copy of our bill is emailed directly to us and I love that! They have NEVER been late for any scheduled service, very prompt and courteous. I credit their expertise with the fact that my heating and cooling system is heating and cooling properly.

Dolores G.

These guys come out as soon as I call them, always nice, friendly and very helpful. They do a great job and give the best advice. Not always what you want to hear, but always professional and accurate. Prices are the best and products are top of the line. Without a doubt I will use them when I buy a new unit.

Ann D.

Did maintenance and repair on an air conditioning unit when the original installer would not. These guys are great. When the original installer told us he would not support the unit he had put in, these guys came out the same day I called, did the work in a very professional manner, and for a reasonable price. I would not hesitate to call then again for any HVAC needs.

J Daniel P.

Coppell Heating & Air installed a new unit in my home and David came out to check why two bedrooms didn't seem to be as cool as the others. He determined that one of the ducts was not working properly and recommended replacement. David is a very qualified tech who knows A/C!! Not only is he professional but courteous and punctual. I highly recommend Coppell Heating and Air for all your heat and a/c needs their staff is exceptional.

Denise C.

I used Coppell Heating & Air Conditioning to do a new insulation. They did a great job. This was the first time I've used them and I would use them again. They were highly professional. Everything they promised was delivered. They had really good technicians.

John C.

Coppell Heating and AC installed a new AC/heating system in our single story house. The work was professional and done on time. All work was finished in one morning despite the 100+ degree heat in the attic they were working in. Subsequent to the installation, there was a minor glitch but the guys returned promptly and took care of it. We are very satisfied with this company's performance from the sales presentation through completed installation. The pricing was in line with the competition.

Thomas S.

I have used Coppell Heating & Air Conditioning for years and years. In fact, they installed my current unit in 1999 and have been maintaining it ever since. They are an excellent, family-owned and operated company. I've recommended them to all my friends who need a good, reliable company. (One had to schedule her first visit as an emergency ... no cooling in the middle of summer ... YIKES!) Hey look, it's time to schedule my spring checkup!


Coppell Heating & Air Conditioning Inc is a small family owned company. They came out last week to do work for me in November. They came out for semi-annual checkup for the heating & air unit. The service contract for the year is $199 for two checkups in a year. The repairs they did on our air conditioner in June came up to $155. What is nice about Coppell Heating & Air Conditioning Inc Company is that they don�t try to sell me something every time they come out. They always show up on time. They even had to come out on a Saturday night when I called them saying that my air condition unit quit working. That�s what stood out to me the most about their service. That made a big difference in my mind. I also like the fact that unlike the prior heating and air-conditioning companies we have used, Coppell Heating & Air Conditioning Inc Company does not try to up sell their services. They have never tried to make extra money by selling extra services or parts. They are very nice. They are very professional. They explain things to me. They are also very reasonable. They are very responsive to service calls even if it is a Saturday night.

Tom Sawyer

They came to check out my a/c that was malfunctioning. Another vendor had told me I had to replace both of my units. Coppell told me that my unit could be repaired easily and they repaired it for me. I have had no problems in the two years I've been using them.

Adriana P.

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